Wilson Fisk was born in New York City to a caring mother and an ambitious but cruel father. When he was young, Fisk's father, Bill, ran for the city council of Hell's Kitchen, believing it would make him and his family rich. Wilson, at the age of twelve, helped his father put signs together to promote his campaign. Fisk's father allowed him to take a drink of whiskey, but when Fisk choked he was mocked by his father. Despite the work that their family put in, the campaign was a complete failure, with Bill Fisk losing out to his rival and coming out feeling both angry and humiliated as well as looking for someone to take out this anger upon. Wilson soon became ridiculed by his neighbour Bernie Walker, who began kicking down the signs for Fisk's campaign before hitting Fisk in the jaw for fighting back and attempting to defend his father's work. The upset Fisk returned to his home where his mother cared for his cut lip and gave him food to make him feel better. When his father found out about this assault, he took the young Wilson to confront Walker in person. Fisk watched closely as his father cornered and confronted the over confident Walker until he became angry. Bill Fisk assaulted Walker and managed to beat him to the ground by hitting him repeatedly with a baseball bat. Fisk was then ordered by his father to kick the defenseless Walker repeatedly, telling him that he had to prove that he was a man and willing to fight back. Fisk did as he was instructed and assaulted Walker repeatedly, as his father ordered him to continue. Having lost his campaign, Bill Fisk's drinking habit got more out of hand as the pressure of owing money to local mobsters, including Don Rigoletto, got to him, and he began beating his wife, blaming her for everything that was wrong with his life. During these beatings he would order Wilson to sit and stare at a blank wall and listen to his own mother scream in fear and pain as she was beaten repeatedly. The young Wilson remained fearful of his father, but hearing his mother's pain caused him to despise his father. During one of these beatings, Wilson decided to put an end to his beloved mother's suffering. He grabbed a nearby hammer and repeatedly hit his father over the head with it, killing him and crushing his skull with hit after hit. His mother comforted Fisk and promised to protect him, deciding to then cut up the body. They began dumping it in the river every night for the next week, knowing that most people who knew them would blame Rigoletto for his disappearance. As a gift, Fisk was given his father's cufflinks, which he kept and wore for years afterwards to remind himself of his father's true nature.