Bartholomew Henry "Barry" Allen was a time remnant of the original Barry Allen from an erased potential future that became a powerful armored speedster known as Savitar. Savitar's existence is the cause of a causal loop that involved the death of Iris West, as after he was created the time remnant was shunned by the members of Team Flash. Broken and utterly alone for not being the original Barry, Savitar desired to end his pain by becoming a god; thus he renamed himself after the Hindu God of Motion. As Savitar, he has proclaimed himself to be the "God of Speed", the fastest known speedster in the Multiverse; additionally he is known as the "Dark Lord" within his own cult. When battling a younger version of his original self, Savitar subtly refers to himself as the "Future Flash". When possessing someone, Savitar is known as "Alchemy", the high-priest of his own cult.